How Can a Mobile App Boost Your Business Growth?

Mobile Apps Business Growthis it true

Amazon’s 50% mobile traffic is derived from its apps, according to Morgan Stanley research. Mobile App of Jubilant FoodWorks (Indian company holding master franchise for Domino’s Pizza) has crossed 2 million downloads with online contribution to delivery sales touching 27% compared to 18% in previous year. Top 25% of SMEs (small & medium enterprises) have noted two times of revenue growth after adopting mobile app development technology.

Putting a stop to my statistics – I just wanted to show you an evidence for mobile apps generating extraordinary business growth. These days, mobile apps are the centre of attention for businesses like hotels, restaurants, travels, holiday aggregators, ticketing sites, banks, etc. If you are one of them, still without app – you have to know the 5 essentials of mobile app for business growth.

1. Obtain Loyal Customers

Consumers are seeking for extremely easy ways to reach their favourite brands. If you are giving your consumers a mobile app, that means you are giving them a gateway to reach you from anywhere, at anytime. They will stick to your brand just because of app as they know that they will get anything from your store at their fingertips. Via app, you will be able to track your customers’ location which helps you get local reviews for local customers – leads you to loyal customers.

2. App contributes to product promotion

App is a ring master of product or service promotion. It knows how to introduce your new product or updated one in front of users. First, it will provide information to create awareness and later it will introduce the product – makes it easy for users to absorb everything about your new launch. Offering deals & discounts with new launches will surely boost your sales up.

3. App Gives Rise to Sales and Leads

App aids and accelerates essential part of all businesses i.e. sales. As I have discussed in previous paragraphs about the tracking and promotion abilities of app plus it’s flexibility to be with users anywhere & anytime – all such things generate good amount of leads and sales. Being an app owner, you can leverage the maximum power of app via various marketing techniques like alerts, messages, loyalty programs, push notifications, etc.

4. Better Customer Service

Apps keep your customer constantly in touch with your business. With this, you can provide better customer services by offering a help desk within the app. A help desk can generate more positive reviews, bring improvement to negative reviews, turn general users into loyal users, and keep customers all-time worry-free and happy.

5. Build up user experience

Apps have become permanent replacement to desktops. Plus its easy access keeps your users away from your competitors. Engagement and transactions are the matter of seconds due to apps. Overall, it results into a greater user experience, if your designs and navigations are heart-winning.

Ending Notes

So, if you have any further plans to grow your business, grow it with mobile app. Revenue, sales, leads or whatever you consider a part of your business growth will touch the heights beyond your expectations.


Answer these 4 Questions before Sailing through Apple Watch App Development


Do you want to deliver a new Apple watch app experience? Do you have an idea in your mind which is curious to come out and want to make a firm place in Apple watch? If yes, then you have to pass a test of these four questions before you travel on a boat of Apple watch app development.

1. Is Your App Understandable At A Glance?

Your app will have a minute to explain users what it is about. If users can’t get idea of what your app can do within a minute or less, then they never think a twice to uninstall it.

Our favourite App “Tinder” can confidently say “yes” to this answer. Tinder Apple watch app is glanceable. Tinder’s “Glances” feature displays app information without letting the users’ open an app. The same and single feature has a lot to reveal users related to their frequently-checked-apps like dating, weather, event timings, entertainment apps, etc. For e.g. if an event is allowed to be shown via iPhone app, users will get a call to action named “Add to watchlist” in their Apple watch.

This is how Tinder works and makes its Apple watch app glanceable.

2. Are you serving the personal user experience?

Apple Watch is more personal device than iPhone. Additionally, it is a sensitive device in terms of screen display size which can’t bear the burden of too many and too long notifications. It needs a personal, short and sweet notification that can effectively deliver its message.

For e.g. A regular traveller likes to receive only relevant and limited notifications to his Apple Watch like update or any change in flight timings, gate number, or baggage carousels. All these are personal user information suits well with an Apple Watch.

3. Have you thought about Content Relevancy?

As Apple watch is a personal device, you have to pay close attention to user engagement. Content relevancy should be higher for the users and also make sure that content-quantity is limited. For e.g. if your app requires to send push notifications, then it should be simple and effective like an option of yes or other simple responses with simple call to actions.

4. Is Your App a perfect companion to iPhone App?

The concept of standalone Apple Watch app is not released yet. So you have to create a companion app to iPhone app which may create interactions. You need to think about which information you should reveal on Apple watch app and on iPhone app.

For this, you can have a look on Runkeeper App. Its Apple watch app reveals fitness activities like miles you have ride on bike or the speed at which you are running. If you want more details than the one your watch app displays like tracking your activities in detail, you have to check out iPhone app. Runkeeper offers simple, useful and glanceable experience with both apps.


You can step ahead with your iPhone app development and companion Apple watch app development, if you are satisfied with your own answers of questions. You should stay confident for your answers because they are the key purpose of your Apple watch app.

5 Android Wear Updates to Compete Against Apple Watch

apple watch vs google watch1

Arrival of Android wear like Moto 360 or LG Watch Urbane was in conversation before Apple Watch. But they were not as popular as the Apple Watch is. Arrival of Android wear didn’t make any difference to users’ choice. They remained happy with their smartphone without thinking for buying any wearable device. With the entrance of Apple Watch, users’ minds are changing and they have started thinking of buying this device.

The thought of losing the grounds of wearable tech might have panicked Android due to which after such a long time, it has released updates for Android wear to compete against Apple watch. Let’s see the updates and how they can compete against the tech giant Apple.

1. Wi-Fi Connectivity

This is the most important update of Android wear. Wi-Fi keeps you connected with your smartphone via your smartwatch. No matter whether your smartphone is in your pocket or at your home while you are out of the house, you will receive smartphone notifications in your smartwatch, and also able to reply through messages. Wi-Fi connectivity minimizes the need of smartphone everywhere even at a 5 minute walk to the store.

2. Always On

Android wear follows the “always on” mentality like all other devices. It’s a fact that smartwatch possesses 15-18 hours of battery life but a few tricks can make it longer. To save more battery on smartwatch, Android inserts a system which turns the light dimmer when the wrist feels the charging necessity.

3. Improved Battery Life

Apart from “Always on” Capability, Android wear also bring some more updates that will save battery life to give you enough time to recharge your watch again. It’s also possible that these battery saver systems will empower Android wear battery life more than Apple Watch. No proofs yet!!!

4. Faster Fluid Communications

Android wear gives you an easier way than tapping. Just flick your wrist and swim through your apps. No need to tap again and again with your fingertip. Flick sharpens and fastens the communications.

5. Google Keep

Google keep is an Android wear app that allows you taking a quick note using your voice command. It saves your lots of time wasted while typing a note. Within app, you can scroll through all your saved notes and send useless to the archive. You can add reminders to the sensitive notes so that you do not miss any important event. This feature is truly competitive against Apple Watch. But app development for Apple watch is also there to give reply to Android wear as 3500 apps have already uploaded to Apple Watch app store.

First it was the fight of smartphones, then apps and now wearable. It seems that Apple and Android are fighting never ending battles. Before Apple Watch arrival, all was going well and now you will hear data related to growth of Apple Watch and Android wear. Let’s see where it will go. Don’t forget to mention your expectations in the below given comment box.

You Don’t Need a Remote if You have These Apps

These Apps will Turn Your Smartphone in

One remote for TV, one for DVD, one for home theatre, one for cable boxes and one for AV receivers, OH MY GOD, they are too many. It’s tough to manage them all and its turn tougher when you are watching a movie by combining your TV, DVD and Home Theatres. It’s painful for a single guy to deal with multiple remotes at a time. But no fear, when apps are here. Again the same line “there is an app to manage all your remotes”.

Replace your heap of remotes with the below given apps that manage all your devices and let you have a calming audio and video experience.


Think Dijit as your personal media assistant app. You can build a custom electronic program guide for a list of your favourite channels, and new shows. You can also create personalized menu layouts to make things easier. Dijit connects you with your Facebook Friends for additional recommendations. Dijit remote is available for TV, AV Receivers, Blu-Ray Players, and Xboxes.

  • Price: Free
  • Availability: iOS only
  • Requirements: iOS 6 or later versions


iRule is a Wi-Fi enabled app – so you need a Wi-Fi first if you want to use this app. You have to make some preparations for this app. There are two versions of iRule app: iRule builder web app and iRule app. First of all, create customize menus, commands and key layouts in web version of app and then sync it with iRule app. Once you are done, switch-on your Wi-Fi and start sending commands to your IR-based devices via your smartphone

  • Price: $49 – $99.99
  • Availability: iOS and Android
  • Requirements: For iOS – iOS 4.3 or later versions
  • For Android – Android 2.3 and Up


RedEye is much similar to Dijit app. It needs Wi-Fi connection like iRule – basically combination of Dijit and iRule. Again the similar-sounding features like custom menus, button layouts, etc., you know about very well. If you have devices in different rooms, this app possesses an ability to manage them all.

  • Price: Free
  • Availability: iOS only
  • Requirements: iOS 6 or later versions


Cool Name. Instead of Wi-Fi, it uses IR Dongle which you need to plug in your iOS device to use this app. Re remote control app lets you control any IR device. This app learns the controls of device from the device itself. So if you change your device, you don’t need to worry about it as the app itself is a good learner.

  • Price: Free
  • Availability: iOS only
  • Requirements: iOS 3.1 or later versions


Like Re, here also you need a 5-ounce dongle to plug in your phone. Zmart holds a massive collection of control codes for 200,000+ devices including TV, stereo, Blu-ray, DVD, DVR, and many others.

    • Price: Free
    • Availability: iOS and Android
    • Requirements: For iOS – iOS 5.0 or later versions

For Android – Android 2.3.3 and Up

Things to Remember

Above given apps have minor or major software/hardware requirements without which they can’t work. You have to pay for them so that you can enjoy these apps. Rather than these paid app requirements, all other things are free to use.

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