Music Themed Mobile Games: Recommended Tonic For a Wonderful Mood


Mobile game development technology is not restricted to just fun, it has stretched out to learn with fun. Whether it’s relevant to studies, general knowledge, dance, music, sports, or anything concerning to your interest, there is a mobile game-way to learn through. You must have entertained yourself with quiz game to increase your general knowledge or you would be at leisure while playing football mobile game to enhance your skills, but have you ever learned to play guitars or drums via mobile games.

Music learners are aware of games with game controls enriched with shapes of mikes, dance floors, drums, guitars or other equipments. If such games are exist, why to keep them limited to only music learners? Isn’t it a good idea to expand them among music lovers too? If you really think that it is a good idea, let’s enter the virtual world of music through below given mobile games.

Rock Hero

Rock hero will test your guitar skills and your ability to follow the rhythm of music. Basically, you will be served with notes which you have to hit at the right time. The game has three different modes of difficulties for beginners, learners, and experts. It will give you 9 songs to start your practice and play the game. If 9 songs are few for you, you have option to play with your own songs saved in your playlist. That means you can learn to play guitar on your favourite songs as well.

I think after reading about Rock Hero, you must have made plan to impress someone special by playing guitar on his/her favourite song – agree? Ok, don’t share it, but start it now. Let me alert with the only con of this game is you have to deal with too many advertisements.

Guess The Song

Do you want to test the level of your music likeness? Then Guess the Song based on background music. This is the KBC like game where you will be given 4 options to choose from. Playing the game lonely will create boredom, so it’s better to play with friends in order to create a competitive environment. That surely will double your enjoyment and make you familiar with tons of music.

Piano tiles

I love to play piano. My piano learning desire increases when I see those heroes in movies putting their fingers cutely on piano tiles. Back to the game, Piano Tiles is a charming music game that never makes you feel boring. The only challenge here is not to touch white tiles. And the reward you will get by touching black tiles is a sound of tracks delighting your ears. Don’t think this an easy game as when you will enter you will feel the power of challenge.

Song Pop

Another Guess The Song Like game, but one of the most popular game among music lovers. Equipped with a bulk of songs from thousands of artists have made this app a forever addiction. Music fans can play and compete with each other to obtain maximum points. Here your points will be count on your ability to give the correct answer plus how quickly you are able to give the answer. You can use rewarded coins to unlock a new playlist and to expand your challenging play ground.

Gangnam Dance School

“Oppa Gangnam Style” the three words are enough to make you rock. And you will be happier to know that Gangnam Dance School is your own school where you will teach each move of Gangnam Dance. Not only dance, but you have to save yourself from being a slave of Kingdom Witch.

All the above mentioned mobile games are ideal music picks. Being a music lover you must get involved with them to feel the music with game. Have fun.


Apple Music vs Spotify: What’s Your Choice?

Apple Music vs Spotify

Now, Apple Music is present in almost every smartphone, so it’s time to compare it with its competitor: Spotify – a well-know streaming service. Most of you must have Spotify in your iphone and Apple music should also be there as it comes pre-installed.

Spotify and Apple Music, both are paid services with some limited trial period. So, it’s a big confusion for Apple users – whether they should continue with Spotify or invest in Apple Music. Let’s compare both of them to reach the final decision.

– Music Directory

Apple Music and Spotify both have uploaded 30 million songs. However, Apple has promised to add exclusive tracks and music from emerging artists in near future. An added benefit of Apple Music is you will hear the songs of your favourite American singer – Taylor Swift.

Spotify allows you to add your own music files directly from your computer and insert them in your playlist. While in Apple Music, your saved music files in iTunes will be added automatically.

– Radio

Apple Music’s radio is available for you 24/7 with streaming from London, New York and Los Angeles. It is named as Beats 1. Apple has hired DJs to entertain you on various stations. They have also promised to play great tracks, discuss music culture, current music trends and exclusive interviews. But because of its initial stage, Beats 1 is facing some technical issues like bugs, crashing or music loading problems.

Spotify is not a live radio, instead it is a radio that works on your own terms. You have to create stations on the basis of your favourite songs, playlists, albums, genres, artists, etc. The service will find out matching songs based on your selection.

– Music Research

Apple music includes “Beats music recommendation engine” which learns your music likings to recommend you new suggestions as per your music taste. Not only algorithms, but real humans will be there to operate this whole system.

Recommendations from Spotify are not as powerful as Apple’s recommendation system, but still it is a key part. Spotify recommends music based on your music history.

– Extra Features

Apple music keeps you connected with your favourite artists while Shopify takes care of songs to play according to situations.

For artists, Apple music is a social network where they are free to share their work like lyrics, demo tracks, videos, images, etc., with their fans. Fans can follow their artists and like or comment on their shared work.

Spotify is deeply connected with your mood and places you visit. From relaxation mode to running mode, you can hear songs as per your situation and mood as well. A special feature recognizes your running mode and play music as per your speed which constantly motivates you to move.


Well, I like some features of Spotify and some features of Apple Music which must be increase later as promised by Apple. Leaving one for the other is quite tough because of addiction to Spotify and desire to try something new with Apple music. One added benefit of Apple music is: it avails 3 months free trial. So, we have 3 months to decide whether to continue with Spotify or to go with Apple music.

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Game Changing Announcements and Updates of Apple for Game Developers

What’s New for Game Developers by-1

These days I am constantly writing about Apple’s announcements and updates as I am daily reading about a new change in Apple Industry. It seems that all things that Apple was planning in previous years are coming out one-by-one in 2015 and will definitely shape the future of app development industry.

All my previous Apple articles were for app development company, but this time there is a minor change – instead of app developers, this exciting news is for game developers. After the breaking news of Apple’s new music ecosystem, this is the other one for iOS game developers.

Again the same Apple policy: some updates, some announcements and some future predictions explained below:

Gameplay Kit

Apple’s new Gameplay kit is for further assistance. It will help you design the architecture of game with a little, but fruitful effort. With this kit, you can skip the complex Algorithm issues to focus on core features like gameplay.


You all know about what is Metal and what it provide to developers. There are some minor and major changes made to Metal. First is, Metal is coming to Mac to open the new doorways of realism and to add detailing in games. Second is, Metal’s developer tool is going to replace the industry-standard 3D API OpenGL.

Basically, Metal is a core graphic technology providing accurate, effective and systematic rendering performance. It has been noticed that Built-in apps of iOS 9 are running smoother and faster because of Metal. Looking at this, Apple took the decision of adding to Metal to various other Apple products.

Metal’s Benefits for Developers

Metal with A7 Processors

Metal empower developers to take the maximum advantage of Apple’s A7 chip – present in Apple’s iPhone 5s and later devices. Metal and A7 will prove to be a great combination as they both posses energy to boost performance and graphics. It means developers are now able to bring the power of consoles-class 3d games to smartphones.

Limited iOS Audience

Metal is an exclusive and extra-ordinary smart graphic layer – a perfect match to Apple’s newer A7-processors-equipped devices. It means going with Metal will furnished developers with limited audience that have purchased newer Apple devices. iOS developers can eliminate the worry about old Apple devices.

Saves Time and Battery Life

Metal makes excellent sense when it comes to saving time while processing. With Metal, developers are capable of sending commands to GPU directly – bringing huge improvements because of unstrained CPU. And the most considerable feature of working with Metal is: users will enjoy gaming for long hours because of improved battery life.

Bottom Line

iOS game developers and game players both will enjoy a high quality experience due to updates of Apple. Efficient tools like Metal will make coding easier for developers and provide a mind-blowing gaming experience with battery-saving features to game players.