How Can a Mobile App Boost Your Business Growth?

Mobile Apps Business Growthis it true

Amazon’s 50% mobile traffic is derived from its apps, according to Morgan Stanley research. Mobile App of Jubilant FoodWorks (Indian company holding master franchise for Domino’s Pizza) has crossed 2 million downloads with online contribution to delivery sales touching 27% compared to 18% in previous year. Top 25% of SMEs (small & medium enterprises) have noted two times of revenue growth after adopting mobile app development technology.

Putting a stop to my statistics – I just wanted to show you an evidence for mobile apps generating extraordinary business growth. These days, mobile apps are the centre of attention for businesses like hotels, restaurants, travels, holiday aggregators, ticketing sites, banks, etc. If you are one of them, still without app – you have to know the 5 essentials of mobile app for business growth.

1. Obtain Loyal Customers

Consumers are seeking for extremely easy ways to reach their favourite brands. If you are giving your consumers a mobile app, that means you are giving them a gateway to reach you from anywhere, at anytime. They will stick to your brand just because of app as they know that they will get anything from your store at their fingertips. Via app, you will be able to track your customers’ location which helps you get local reviews for local customers – leads you to loyal customers.

2. App contributes to product promotion

App is a ring master of product or service promotion. It knows how to introduce your new product or updated one in front of users. First, it will provide information to create awareness and later it will introduce the product – makes it easy for users to absorb everything about your new launch. Offering deals & discounts with new launches will surely boost your sales up.

3. App Gives Rise to Sales and Leads

App aids and accelerates essential part of all businesses i.e. sales. As I have discussed in previous paragraphs about the tracking and promotion abilities of app plus it’s flexibility to be with users anywhere & anytime – all such things generate good amount of leads and sales. Being an app owner, you can leverage the maximum power of app via various marketing techniques like alerts, messages, loyalty programs, push notifications, etc.

4. Better Customer Service

Apps keep your customer constantly in touch with your business. With this, you can provide better customer services by offering a help desk within the app. A help desk can generate more positive reviews, bring improvement to negative reviews, turn general users into loyal users, and keep customers all-time worry-free and happy.

5. Build up user experience

Apps have become permanent replacement to desktops. Plus its easy access keeps your users away from your competitors. Engagement and transactions are the matter of seconds due to apps. Overall, it results into a greater user experience, if your designs and navigations are heart-winning.

Ending Notes

So, if you have any further plans to grow your business, grow it with mobile app. Revenue, sales, leads or whatever you consider a part of your business growth will touch the heights beyond your expectations.


Slack Moving Towards Community Building


When people wake up in the morning and root around to find the phone, the first thing they check is Slack. This concept is true up to an extreme for people engaged in workplace activities. Slack is gaining control on social life of working people. People who don’t know Slack are far away from it and people who know what Slack is, can’t live without it.

What is Slack?

Slack is a workplace communication tool, also called as workplace messaging app, helping people to manage chats with their co-workers. A person is free to organize a chatroom under multiple “channels” and assign topics to different strings of conversation. After managing such kind of stuff within Slack, he can invite his co-workers to join the conversation of a particular topic via email address. Unrequested persons can’t dare to enter the chatrooms as they are most secure. Corporations can add an additional layer of security by paying for email authentication.

Slack has turned into a popular platform for wide range of communities. It has crossed its limits of being just a tool for remote teams at workplace. Even the people who are not occupied in workplace activities like students and housewives also use Slack as their social networking tool. Slack is for everyone who wants to manage different chatrooms associated with different stripes of topics. Slack bundles private groups, public groups, individual chat and file sharing as well. One can enter any of these based on its own convenience. Check out some popular slacks.

Some Popular Slacks

#startup: This is the most popular among other Slacks. And why it shouldn’t be, after all it is for startups. Founders across the globe meet here to solve problems of each other. #startup brings forth discussions, feedbacks, and Q And A’s and advisory boards. This is the slack where you will be friend with entrepreneurs, helping you to sort out the business related issues.

#Nomad: It is for people with digital lifestyle. If you like to connect with the people who can give you advice on anything you are confused with, #Nomad is for you. Share your good as well as bad stuff with other Nomad community and get a good piece of advice from people of different countries.

iOS Developer: Title is enough to explain what is it about. It’s a biggest room for iPhone app development company and iOS developer to put all their knowledge and queries in front and let the others answer the same.

Android Developer: Again the name describes the usefulness of this slack. It connects android developers across the world. Experts, beginners, etc., all get together here to share their expertise, knowledge and queries.


Slack is absolutely free to go as a basic user and give it a try. Upgrade if you like to dive in deep in different topics with people from different countries. It is just amazing to have unique experience by talking with people from different culture. Their different way of thinking and their experience will make you think more productively.