Apps You Should Download to Enjoy Your New Apple TV

Your New Apple TV Needs These Apps

Finally, the fourth generation of Apple TV is at your home with a set-up box making cable unnecessary. As per your expectations, Apple smartly delivered its promise of making a TV with apps enabled feature.

Let me tell you about the great features of new Apple TV in brief: glossy video experience, speedy reactions, improved attractive interface (familiar as well), cute looking remote, inbuilt Siri’s voice to find stuff, and unexpected search results crossing the limits of itunes.

Back to the topic, your new Apple TV is enriched with app-enabled features. That means you can install apps in Apple TV to enjoy them on bigger screen. I’ve clustered a bunch of apps for your new Apple TV. If you are already done with your favourite list of apps, I would recommend you to try the listed apps too.

  • QVC

With QVC app, you can have a streamline purchasing experience just like PC/smartphone or beyond that. A click on Apple TV remote would be enough to make purchases. A “Speed buy” button on-screen will cut the process from 4-5 steps to 1-2 steps. It keeps you free from hassles of inserting your mobile number and shipping information again & again.

  • Airbnb

Finding a tourism spot on smartphone is quite edgy as you can’t see the images until you zoom in (that is also discomfited). Watching the same images on big screen will make a real difference in your thinking of whether you visit the particular place or not. Assembled with Apple TV, Airbnb made it possible for you. With Airbnb app, you can look on-screen to book your next vacation. Gigantic displays, high-resolution images, videos and everything about living spaces will help you take an accurate and right decision to plan your next weekend.

  • Periscope

Watching live events on Apple TV sounds incredibly great, especially when you have an app like Periscope. Experiencing Periscope on big screen is something everybody was waiting for. Periscope surely deserves a place in your Apple TV to connect you with your favourite live events.

  • Zillow

Taking a note of real estate listing from your big screen while lying on a couch seems like dream – but this dream can come true with Zillow app. Zillow shows you an exact location and details of real estate listings. You can even search within your nearby area or other preferred location.

  • Houzz

Season of home decor ideas is going on, why not make it smarter and add fun to it with Houzz app for Apple TV. From ideas to contractors, Houzz has everything as per your wish list.

  • Carrot Weather

Install Carrot Weather in your Apple TV and it will greet you with: “I, Carrot, am your new weatherbot”. It’s not like others where weather forecasting is done as per the wish of host. Here, you are the one to select location for which you would you will like to get forecast about.

  • Yummly

Now, no need to waste hours in finding new diet foods that keeps your belly fit and full. Daily, Yummly will pop up with new diet foods plus cuisines, courses and dishes to keep you worry free from your fatty food habits.


Apart from apps, keep a good space for games. You will be grateful to iOS app developers for building apps and games working similar to your smartphone, but having a big screen is an added benefit to enjoy the vision thoroughly.


Game Changing Announcements and Updates of Apple for Game Developers

What’s New for Game Developers by-1

These days I am constantly writing about Apple’s announcements and updates as I am daily reading about a new change in Apple Industry. It seems that all things that Apple was planning in previous years are coming out one-by-one in 2015 and will definitely shape the future of app development industry.

All my previous Apple articles were for app development company, but this time there is a minor change – instead of app developers, this exciting news is for game developers. After the breaking news of Apple’s new music ecosystem, this is the other one for iOS game developers.

Again the same Apple policy: some updates, some announcements and some future predictions explained below:

Gameplay Kit

Apple’s new Gameplay kit is for further assistance. It will help you design the architecture of game with a little, but fruitful effort. With this kit, you can skip the complex Algorithm issues to focus on core features like gameplay.


You all know about what is Metal and what it provide to developers. There are some minor and major changes made to Metal. First is, Metal is coming to Mac to open the new doorways of realism and to add detailing in games. Second is, Metal’s developer tool is going to replace the industry-standard 3D API OpenGL.

Basically, Metal is a core graphic technology providing accurate, effective and systematic rendering performance. It has been noticed that Built-in apps of iOS 9 are running smoother and faster because of Metal. Looking at this, Apple took the decision of adding to Metal to various other Apple products.

Metal’s Benefits for Developers

Metal with A7 Processors

Metal empower developers to take the maximum advantage of Apple’s A7 chip – present in Apple’s iPhone 5s and later devices. Metal and A7 will prove to be a great combination as they both posses energy to boost performance and graphics. It means developers are now able to bring the power of consoles-class 3d games to smartphones.

Limited iOS Audience

Metal is an exclusive and extra-ordinary smart graphic layer – a perfect match to Apple’s newer A7-processors-equipped devices. It means going with Metal will furnished developers with limited audience that have purchased newer Apple devices. iOS developers can eliminate the worry about old Apple devices.

Saves Time and Battery Life

Metal makes excellent sense when it comes to saving time while processing. With Metal, developers are capable of sending commands to GPU directly – bringing huge improvements because of unstrained CPU. And the most considerable feature of working with Metal is: users will enjoy gaming for long hours because of improved battery life.

Bottom Line

iOS game developers and game players both will enjoy a high quality experience due to updates of Apple. Efficient tools like Metal will make coding easier for developers and provide a mind-blowing gaming experience with battery-saving features to game players.

Predicting The Future Of iOS: Next Approach Of Apple

apple ios 9

Again Apple decided to think undoubtedly like outside the box. Recently, Apple expressed its focal point on Music Stream, iOS 9 and Apple Watch – it seems that Apple has already developed its outside-the-box thinking. Now it’s time for us to predict what the future plans of Apple are? And what the future of iOS is? Not only us, but it’s a time for iOS app developers to change the drivers of their thinking and replace them with latest Apple-like thinking. So, let’s predict the future of iOS for the sake of those involved with iOS in any way.

Apple Watch Issues

Heart of Smartphones – apps didn’t get the same place for Apple Watch. Apps are not considered as important part of Apple watch. Some useful apps are trying to emerge to make Apple watch more worthwhile, but still – no results. You need only a single day to determine the crucial section of Apple watch is its face unveiling useful information like time, day, temperature, etc. But the fact is Apple watch is good only for its face. What about other Apple watch features seeking users’ attention?

Apple is struggling hard to make Apple watch more than just showing time and other information.

iPhone Today Widgets

iOS 8 lacks a face like Apple watch which soon will be fulfilled by widgets. iOS developers can show as many information as their users demand via widgets. Users can put any information on their iPhone screen for quick-to-see results through widgets. The same functionality was introduced by Android a long ago. But as we know Apple and its uniqueness, iPhone widgets and their different-from-Android functionality will get more closure to users.

Apple Watch Glances

Apple watch glances – another form of app extensions – are less useful because of a tiny screen. Developers can’t display much information and link users back to app with a small square screen. But Apple has promised to remove this barrier in the near future. Widgets are the best clue for this or may become best solution.

Interactive Notifications

With its recent iOS and Mac OS versions, Apple converted notifications into two-way conversations which enabled users to accept any invite or update directly without opening the particular app. These are the earlier days of two-way-communication notifications; Apple has some more plans to make them more interactive.

Share Sheet Extensions

Many apps do only one thing better because of which they reside in your smartphone. For e.g. Pinterest is for sharing purpose, Pocket is for Save to Later purpose, etc. With Share Sheet Extensions you will become able to use one-and-only-useful feature of app. That means you don’t require opening a whole app for a single purpose.

Where is it going?

Today, Apple’s signals are more important than its WWDC conference event. These signals play a crucial role for iOS developers as they have to determine what they need to develop in future and how they can be ready today. Overall, we can say that Apple is following its old strategy – improvement and ease the work of both developers and users – in a new way.