Music Themed Mobile Games: Recommended Tonic For a Wonderful Mood


Mobile game development technology is not restricted to just fun, it has stretched out to learn with fun. Whether it’s relevant to studies, general knowledge, dance, music, sports, or anything concerning to your interest, there is a mobile game-way to learn through. You must have entertained yourself with quiz game to increase your general knowledge or you would be at leisure while playing football mobile game to enhance your skills, but have you ever learned to play guitars or drums via mobile games.

Music learners are aware of games with game controls enriched with shapes of mikes, dance floors, drums, guitars or other equipments. If such games are exist, why to keep them limited to only music learners? Isn’t it a good idea to expand them among music lovers too? If you really think that it is a good idea, let’s enter the virtual world of music through below given mobile games.

Rock Hero

Rock hero will test your guitar skills and your ability to follow the rhythm of music. Basically, you will be served with notes which you have to hit at the right time. The game has three different modes of difficulties for beginners, learners, and experts. It will give you 9 songs to start your practice and play the game. If 9 songs are few for you, you have option to play with your own songs saved in your playlist. That means you can learn to play guitar on your favourite songs as well.

I think after reading about Rock Hero, you must have made plan to impress someone special by playing guitar on his/her favourite song – agree? Ok, don’t share it, but start it now. Let me alert with the only con of this game is you have to deal with too many advertisements.

Guess The Song

Do you want to test the level of your music likeness? Then Guess the Song based on background music. This is the KBC like game where you will be given 4 options to choose from. Playing the game lonely will create boredom, so it’s better to play with friends in order to create a competitive environment. That surely will double your enjoyment and make you familiar with tons of music.

Piano tiles

I love to play piano. My piano learning desire increases when I see those heroes in movies putting their fingers cutely on piano tiles. Back to the game, Piano Tiles is a charming music game that never makes you feel boring. The only challenge here is not to touch white tiles. And the reward you will get by touching black tiles is a sound of tracks delighting your ears. Don’t think this an easy game as when you will enter you will feel the power of challenge.

Song Pop

Another Guess The Song Like game, but one of the most popular game among music lovers. Equipped with a bulk of songs from thousands of artists have made this app a forever addiction. Music fans can play and compete with each other to obtain maximum points. Here your points will be count on your ability to give the correct answer plus how quickly you are able to give the answer. You can use rewarded coins to unlock a new playlist and to expand your challenging play ground.

Gangnam Dance School

“Oppa Gangnam Style” the three words are enough to make you rock. And you will be happier to know that Gangnam Dance School is your own school where you will teach each move of Gangnam Dance. Not only dance, but you have to save yourself from being a slave of Kingdom Witch.

All the above mentioned mobile games are ideal music picks. Being a music lover you must get involved with them to feel the music with game. Have fun.