Apps You Should Download to Enjoy Your New Apple TV

Your New Apple TV Needs These Apps

Finally, the fourth generation of Apple TV is at your home with a set-up box making cable unnecessary. As per your expectations, Apple smartly delivered its promise of making a TV with apps enabled feature.

Let me tell you about the great features of new Apple TV in brief: glossy video experience, speedy reactions, improved attractive interface (familiar as well), cute looking remote, inbuilt Siri’s voice to find stuff, and unexpected search results crossing the limits of itunes.

Back to the topic, your new Apple TV is enriched with app-enabled features. That means you can install apps in Apple TV to enjoy them on bigger screen. I’ve clustered a bunch of apps for your new Apple TV. If you are already done with your favourite list of apps, I would recommend you to try the listed apps too.

  • QVC

With QVC app, you can have a streamline purchasing experience just like PC/smartphone or beyond that. A click on Apple TV remote would be enough to make purchases. A “Speed buy” button on-screen will cut the process from 4-5 steps to 1-2 steps. It keeps you free from hassles of inserting your mobile number and shipping information again & again.

  • Airbnb

Finding a tourism spot on smartphone is quite edgy as you can’t see the images until you zoom in (that is also discomfited). Watching the same images on big screen will make a real difference in your thinking of whether you visit the particular place or not. Assembled with Apple TV, Airbnb made it possible for you. With Airbnb app, you can look on-screen to book your next vacation. Gigantic displays, high-resolution images, videos and everything about living spaces will help you take an accurate and right decision to plan your next weekend.

  • Periscope

Watching live events on Apple TV sounds incredibly great, especially when you have an app like Periscope. Experiencing Periscope on big screen is something everybody was waiting for. Periscope surely deserves a place in your Apple TV to connect you with your favourite live events.

  • Zillow

Taking a note of real estate listing from your big screen while lying on a couch seems like dream – but this dream can come true with Zillow app. Zillow shows you an exact location and details of real estate listings. You can even search within your nearby area or other preferred location.

  • Houzz

Season of home decor ideas is going on, why not make it smarter and add fun to it with Houzz app for Apple TV. From ideas to contractors, Houzz has everything as per your wish list.

  • Carrot Weather

Install Carrot Weather in your Apple TV and it will greet you with: “I, Carrot, am your new weatherbot”. It’s not like others where weather forecasting is done as per the wish of host. Here, you are the one to select location for which you would you will like to get forecast about.

  • Yummly

Now, no need to waste hours in finding new diet foods that keeps your belly fit and full. Daily, Yummly will pop up with new diet foods plus cuisines, courses and dishes to keep you worry free from your fatty food habits.


Apart from apps, keep a good space for games. You will be grateful to iOS app developers for building apps and games working similar to your smartphone, but having a big screen is an added benefit to enjoy the vision thoroughly.