How Can a Mobile App Boost Your Business Growth?

Mobile Apps Business Growthis it true

Amazon’s 50% mobile traffic is derived from its apps, according to Morgan Stanley research. Mobile App of Jubilant FoodWorks (Indian company holding master franchise for Domino’s Pizza) has crossed 2 million downloads with online contribution to delivery sales touching 27% compared to 18% in previous year. Top 25% of SMEs (small & medium enterprises) have noted two times of revenue growth after adopting mobile app development technology.

Putting a stop to my statistics – I just wanted to show you an evidence for mobile apps generating extraordinary business growth. These days, mobile apps are the centre of attention for businesses like hotels, restaurants, travels, holiday aggregators, ticketing sites, banks, etc. If you are one of them, still without app – you have to know the 5 essentials of mobile app for business growth.

1. Obtain Loyal Customers

Consumers are seeking for extremely easy ways to reach their favourite brands. If you are giving your consumers a mobile app, that means you are giving them a gateway to reach you from anywhere, at anytime. They will stick to your brand just because of app as they know that they will get anything from your store at their fingertips. Via app, you will be able to track your customers’ location which helps you get local reviews for local customers – leads you to loyal customers.

2. App contributes to product promotion

App is a ring master of product or service promotion. It knows how to introduce your new product or updated one in front of users. First, it will provide information to create awareness and later it will introduce the product – makes it easy for users to absorb everything about your new launch. Offering deals & discounts with new launches will surely boost your sales up.

3. App Gives Rise to Sales and Leads

App aids and accelerates essential part of all businesses i.e. sales. As I have discussed in previous paragraphs about the tracking and promotion abilities of app plus it’s flexibility to be with users anywhere & anytime – all such things generate good amount of leads and sales. Being an app owner, you can leverage the maximum power of app via various marketing techniques like alerts, messages, loyalty programs, push notifications, etc.

4. Better Customer Service

Apps keep your customer constantly in touch with your business. With this, you can provide better customer services by offering a help desk within the app. A help desk can generate more positive reviews, bring improvement to negative reviews, turn general users into loyal users, and keep customers all-time worry-free and happy.

5. Build up user experience

Apps have become permanent replacement to desktops. Plus its easy access keeps your users away from your competitors. Engagement and transactions are the matter of seconds due to apps. Overall, it results into a greater user experience, if your designs and navigations are heart-winning.

Ending Notes

So, if you have any further plans to grow your business, grow it with mobile app. Revenue, sales, leads or whatever you consider a part of your business growth will touch the heights beyond your expectations.


What will be the future of Android in 2020?


Remember that first Android handset released in 2008 – may be you forgot the look as you are surrounded by the latest and advance smartphones. Here is the image refreshing those old memories.


And here is the image of latest Android handset.


Have you ever thought where it all began and where it has reached? Today, your smartphone is a small version of your computer – Am I right? It was all unexpected, but it is true and in front of our eyes. You must not have expected anything like this a few years ago, but I am sure you are expecting a lot from future.

So, let’s see the assumed face of Android in 2020.

1. Android Maps

I think Maps are best to start assuming upcoming Android. We know the issues faced by Google maps when it came into existence first time. Many have registered wrong location issues which were later solved by Google. Not only solved issues, but also Google remain ahead in improving user experience. Today, Google maps are our first preferable location finder app. It tracks your every move and keeps your circle updated with locations you are visiting.

In 2020, Android maps (Google maps) will be more powerful than your expectations. As we have heard about Google’s street view feature – obviously, this will be more interesting with better imagery and tappable information in future.

2. Android Messaging

Google has already revealed its plans for Android messaging with its Project Fi platform. The messaging system including phone calls, texts, IMs, etc., will be associated with your Google account instead of Sim Card. It seems uncommon today, but in 2020, it will be too common to use for daily purpose.

3. Android Payments

2015 is the year of mobile payments (we will remember this in 2020) – thanks to both Apple Pay and Google Wallet. I know you have already started executing all your transactions from mobile and this will going to improve more and more. Your smartphones will replace your cash completely. You can see yourself visiting each and every place without cash on-hand.

4. Android Visits

Ordering food and booking cabs is too common today. What will be common tomorrow is: you will book a place from your smartphone and you will reach there after half or one hour. When you enter the place, a group of people will welcome you as an honoured guest. If you are going to a restaurant, as soon as you reach there, your food will serve to you within a minute or two. It’s like today you are waiting for food after order – later food will wait for you.

5. Android Security

Security will be at a high peek as people will become habitual for each transaction via smartphone. It will be strong enough that no one will even dare to enter your smartphone. I am still afraid one thing I know is that if the usage is high, number of devices are also high, then security issues will also be there to break the rules. Let’s wait and watch for actions of Google against security challenges.


With daily new talents are entering in Android app development, it is obvious that future will be what you need and how it should be delivered. So, from now, start making plans of what are your current needs and how it could be solved by your smartphone features. Share the same with us in below given comment box.