Apps You Should Download to Enjoy Your New Apple TV

Your New Apple TV Needs These Apps

Finally, the fourth generation of Apple TV is at your home with a set-up box making cable unnecessary. As per your expectations, Apple smartly delivered its promise of making a TV with apps enabled feature.

Let me tell you about the great features of new Apple TV in brief: glossy video experience, speedy reactions, improved attractive interface (familiar as well), cute looking remote, inbuilt Siri’s voice to find stuff, and unexpected search results crossing the limits of itunes.

Back to the topic, your new Apple TV is enriched with app-enabled features. That means you can install apps in Apple TV to enjoy them on bigger screen. I’ve clustered a bunch of apps for your new Apple TV. If you are already done with your favourite list of apps, I would recommend you to try the listed apps too.

  • QVC

With QVC app, you can have a streamline purchasing experience just like PC/smartphone or beyond that. A click on Apple TV remote would be enough to make purchases. A “Speed buy” button on-screen will cut the process from 4-5 steps to 1-2 steps. It keeps you free from hassles of inserting your mobile number and shipping information again & again.

  • Airbnb

Finding a tourism spot on smartphone is quite edgy as you can’t see the images until you zoom in (that is also discomfited). Watching the same images on big screen will make a real difference in your thinking of whether you visit the particular place or not. Assembled with Apple TV, Airbnb made it possible for you. With Airbnb app, you can look on-screen to book your next vacation. Gigantic displays, high-resolution images, videos and everything about living spaces will help you take an accurate and right decision to plan your next weekend.

  • Periscope

Watching live events on Apple TV sounds incredibly great, especially when you have an app like Periscope. Experiencing Periscope on big screen is something everybody was waiting for. Periscope surely deserves a place in your Apple TV to connect you with your favourite live events.

  • Zillow

Taking a note of real estate listing from your big screen while lying on a couch seems like dream – but this dream can come true with Zillow app. Zillow shows you an exact location and details of real estate listings. You can even search within your nearby area or other preferred location.

  • Houzz

Season of home decor ideas is going on, why not make it smarter and add fun to it with Houzz app for Apple TV. From ideas to contractors, Houzz has everything as per your wish list.

  • Carrot Weather

Install Carrot Weather in your Apple TV and it will greet you with: “I, Carrot, am your new weatherbot”. It’s not like others where weather forecasting is done as per the wish of host. Here, you are the one to select location for which you would you will like to get forecast about.

  • Yummly

Now, no need to waste hours in finding new diet foods that keeps your belly fit and full. Daily, Yummly will pop up with new diet foods plus cuisines, courses and dishes to keep you worry free from your fatty food habits.


Apart from apps, keep a good space for games. You will be grateful to iOS app developers for building apps and games working similar to your smartphone, but having a big screen is an added benefit to enjoy the vision thoroughly.


Apple Maps vs Google Maps: Which One Gives You More Accurate Information?

Apple Maps vs Google Maps Who is on the top

Apple maps released with iOS 6 in 2012 was a biggest disaster for Apple as the service came with lots of bugs and inaccuracies putting people in danger. But now situations are different because of the constant improvements from Apple. Let’s see who wins the heart of users or which one is more accurate in giving right directions to users.

Accuracy of Data

Google has a small army of human mechanics to take care of Google Maps. They constantly analyze errors and correct them as soon as possible. They quickly response to thousands of problems registered by users.

Apple maps still have some errors. To solve these errors, Apple has kept an option of error reporting with a claim that the error will be solved within few days.

Following Google Maps make people reach to the place close to their destination, but following Apple maps make people reach to the wrong place because of outdated information. It is expected that this issue will be solved with the release of iOS 9.

Route Planning: Walk, Drive, Public Transit

Google maps focus on providing you best routes as per your preferred way to go – like it will provide a different route for walk, for cycling, for driving and for public transport like bus, train, etc. While Apple maps focus only on routes for driving and walking only.

Google maps give you all possible information relevant to your queries. For e.g. if you search for restaurant, it gives you information of all nearby restaurants along with some handy information including opening & closing times, description, images, star ratings, etc. Apple maps are not enriched with such data. Instead, they provide pin drops on maps based on your search.

One common feature between both apps is that both provide you live travel information and display traffic details on various routes.


Here comes the point where Apple maps win.

Apple maps give you a turn-by-turn navigation furnished with 3D maps. You can see each building around in 3D which helps you recognize where you are and where you have to go.

Navigation of Google maps is still in beta version, so it’s not as polished as Apple maps. But you can at least get an idea of where you are (not exactly like Apple) and your upcoming directions. Voice command feature is an added benefit. You can control navigation with your voice.

Other Unique Features

Apple Maps

  • Animated version of streets – starting with animated London Eye
  • Flyover City Tours with 3D maps
  • Public transport directions
  • Vital information of upcoming bus and tube with departure timings
  • Accident information if it takes place on your routes

Google Maps

  • Google Street Views
  • Explore places around the world including your home as well
  • Views inside buildings
  • Location of tube lines over the map


I think Google maps are still first choice of both Apple and Android Users. But don’t forget that iOS 9 is about to release and we have heard news of great changes in Apple maps. So let’s see after its release how will be the situations.

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Apple Music vs Spotify: What’s Your Choice?

Apple Music vs Spotify

Now, Apple Music is present in almost every smartphone, so it’s time to compare it with its competitor: Spotify – a well-know streaming service. Most of you must have Spotify in your iphone and Apple music should also be there as it comes pre-installed.

Spotify and Apple Music, both are paid services with some limited trial period. So, it’s a big confusion for Apple users – whether they should continue with Spotify or invest in Apple Music. Let’s compare both of them to reach the final decision.

– Music Directory

Apple Music and Spotify both have uploaded 30 million songs. However, Apple has promised to add exclusive tracks and music from emerging artists in near future. An added benefit of Apple Music is you will hear the songs of your favourite American singer – Taylor Swift.

Spotify allows you to add your own music files directly from your computer and insert them in your playlist. While in Apple Music, your saved music files in iTunes will be added automatically.

– Radio

Apple Music’s radio is available for you 24/7 with streaming from London, New York and Los Angeles. It is named as Beats 1. Apple has hired DJs to entertain you on various stations. They have also promised to play great tracks, discuss music culture, current music trends and exclusive interviews. But because of its initial stage, Beats 1 is facing some technical issues like bugs, crashing or music loading problems.

Spotify is not a live radio, instead it is a radio that works on your own terms. You have to create stations on the basis of your favourite songs, playlists, albums, genres, artists, etc. The service will find out matching songs based on your selection.

– Music Research

Apple music includes “Beats music recommendation engine” which learns your music likings to recommend you new suggestions as per your music taste. Not only algorithms, but real humans will be there to operate this whole system.

Recommendations from Spotify are not as powerful as Apple’s recommendation system, but still it is a key part. Spotify recommends music based on your music history.

– Extra Features

Apple music keeps you connected with your favourite artists while Shopify takes care of songs to play according to situations.

For artists, Apple music is a social network where they are free to share their work like lyrics, demo tracks, videos, images, etc., with their fans. Fans can follow their artists and like or comment on their shared work.

Spotify is deeply connected with your mood and places you visit. From relaxation mode to running mode, you can hear songs as per your situation and mood as well. A special feature recognizes your running mode and play music as per your speed which constantly motivates you to move.


Well, I like some features of Spotify and some features of Apple Music which must be increase later as promised by Apple. Leaving one for the other is quite tough because of addiction to Spotify and desire to try something new with Apple music. One added benefit of Apple music is: it avails 3 months free trial. So, we have 3 months to decide whether to continue with Spotify or to go with Apple music.

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Game Changing Announcements and Updates of Apple for Game Developers

What’s New for Game Developers by-1

These days I am constantly writing about Apple’s announcements and updates as I am daily reading about a new change in Apple Industry. It seems that all things that Apple was planning in previous years are coming out one-by-one in 2015 and will definitely shape the future of app development industry.

All my previous Apple articles were for app development company, but this time there is a minor change – instead of app developers, this exciting news is for game developers. After the breaking news of Apple’s new music ecosystem, this is the other one for iOS game developers.

Again the same Apple policy: some updates, some announcements and some future predictions explained below:

Gameplay Kit

Apple’s new Gameplay kit is for further assistance. It will help you design the architecture of game with a little, but fruitful effort. With this kit, you can skip the complex Algorithm issues to focus on core features like gameplay.


You all know about what is Metal and what it provide to developers. There are some minor and major changes made to Metal. First is, Metal is coming to Mac to open the new doorways of realism and to add detailing in games. Second is, Metal’s developer tool is going to replace the industry-standard 3D API OpenGL.

Basically, Metal is a core graphic technology providing accurate, effective and systematic rendering performance. It has been noticed that Built-in apps of iOS 9 are running smoother and faster because of Metal. Looking at this, Apple took the decision of adding to Metal to various other Apple products.

Metal’s Benefits for Developers

Metal with A7 Processors

Metal empower developers to take the maximum advantage of Apple’s A7 chip – present in Apple’s iPhone 5s and later devices. Metal and A7 will prove to be a great combination as they both posses energy to boost performance and graphics. It means developers are now able to bring the power of consoles-class 3d games to smartphones.

Limited iOS Audience

Metal is an exclusive and extra-ordinary smart graphic layer – a perfect match to Apple’s newer A7-processors-equipped devices. It means going with Metal will furnished developers with limited audience that have purchased newer Apple devices. iOS developers can eliminate the worry about old Apple devices.

Saves Time and Battery Life

Metal makes excellent sense when it comes to saving time while processing. With Metal, developers are capable of sending commands to GPU directly – bringing huge improvements because of unstrained CPU. And the most considerable feature of working with Metal is: users will enjoy gaming for long hours because of improved battery life.

Bottom Line

iOS game developers and game players both will enjoy a high quality experience due to updates of Apple. Efficient tools like Metal will make coding easier for developers and provide a mind-blowing gaming experience with battery-saving features to game players.