Apps You Should Download to Enjoy Your New Apple TV

Your New Apple TV Needs These Apps

Finally, the fourth generation of Apple TV is at your home with a set-up box making cable unnecessary. As per your expectations, Apple smartly delivered its promise of making a TV with apps enabled feature.

Let me tell you about the great features of new Apple TV in brief: glossy video experience, speedy reactions, improved attractive interface (familiar as well), cute looking remote, inbuilt Siri’s voice to find stuff, and unexpected search results crossing the limits of itunes.

Back to the topic, your new Apple TV is enriched with app-enabled features. That means you can install apps in Apple TV to enjoy them on bigger screen. I’ve clustered a bunch of apps for your new Apple TV. If you are already done with your favourite list of apps, I would recommend you to try the listed apps too.

  • QVC

With QVC app, you can have a streamline purchasing experience just like PC/smartphone or beyond that. A click on Apple TV remote would be enough to make purchases. A “Speed buy” button on-screen will cut the process from 4-5 steps to 1-2 steps. It keeps you free from hassles of inserting your mobile number and shipping information again & again.

  • Airbnb

Finding a tourism spot on smartphone is quite edgy as you can’t see the images until you zoom in (that is also discomfited). Watching the same images on big screen will make a real difference in your thinking of whether you visit the particular place or not. Assembled with Apple TV, Airbnb made it possible for you. With Airbnb app, you can look on-screen to book your next vacation. Gigantic displays, high-resolution images, videos and everything about living spaces will help you take an accurate and right decision to plan your next weekend.

  • Periscope

Watching live events on Apple TV sounds incredibly great, especially when you have an app like Periscope. Experiencing Periscope on big screen is something everybody was waiting for. Periscope surely deserves a place in your Apple TV to connect you with your favourite live events.

  • Zillow

Taking a note of real estate listing from your big screen while lying on a couch seems like dream – but this dream can come true with Zillow app. Zillow shows you an exact location and details of real estate listings. You can even search within your nearby area or other preferred location.

  • Houzz

Season of home decor ideas is going on, why not make it smarter and add fun to it with Houzz app for Apple TV. From ideas to contractors, Houzz has everything as per your wish list.

  • Carrot Weather

Install Carrot Weather in your Apple TV and it will greet you with: “I, Carrot, am your new weatherbot”. It’s not like others where weather forecasting is done as per the wish of host. Here, you are the one to select location for which you would you will like to get forecast about.

  • Yummly

Now, no need to waste hours in finding new diet foods that keeps your belly fit and full. Daily, Yummly will pop up with new diet foods plus cuisines, courses and dishes to keep you worry free from your fatty food habits.


Apart from apps, keep a good space for games. You will be grateful to iOS app developers for building apps and games working similar to your smartphone, but having a big screen is an added benefit to enjoy the vision thoroughly.


How Can a Mobile App Boost Your Business Growth?

Mobile Apps Business Growthis it true

Amazon’s 50% mobile traffic is derived from its apps, according to Morgan Stanley research. Mobile App of Jubilant FoodWorks (Indian company holding master franchise for Domino’s Pizza) has crossed 2 million downloads with online contribution to delivery sales touching 27% compared to 18% in previous year. Top 25% of SMEs (small & medium enterprises) have noted two times of revenue growth after adopting mobile app development technology.

Putting a stop to my statistics – I just wanted to show you an evidence for mobile apps generating extraordinary business growth. These days, mobile apps are the centre of attention for businesses like hotels, restaurants, travels, holiday aggregators, ticketing sites, banks, etc. If you are one of them, still without app – you have to know the 5 essentials of mobile app for business growth.

1. Obtain Loyal Customers

Consumers are seeking for extremely easy ways to reach their favourite brands. If you are giving your consumers a mobile app, that means you are giving them a gateway to reach you from anywhere, at anytime. They will stick to your brand just because of app as they know that they will get anything from your store at their fingertips. Via app, you will be able to track your customers’ location which helps you get local reviews for local customers – leads you to loyal customers.

2. App contributes to product promotion

App is a ring master of product or service promotion. It knows how to introduce your new product or updated one in front of users. First, it will provide information to create awareness and later it will introduce the product – makes it easy for users to absorb everything about your new launch. Offering deals & discounts with new launches will surely boost your sales up.

3. App Gives Rise to Sales and Leads

App aids and accelerates essential part of all businesses i.e. sales. As I have discussed in previous paragraphs about the tracking and promotion abilities of app plus it’s flexibility to be with users anywhere & anytime – all such things generate good amount of leads and sales. Being an app owner, you can leverage the maximum power of app via various marketing techniques like alerts, messages, loyalty programs, push notifications, etc.

4. Better Customer Service

Apps keep your customer constantly in touch with your business. With this, you can provide better customer services by offering a help desk within the app. A help desk can generate more positive reviews, bring improvement to negative reviews, turn general users into loyal users, and keep customers all-time worry-free and happy.

5. Build up user experience

Apps have become permanent replacement to desktops. Plus its easy access keeps your users away from your competitors. Engagement and transactions are the matter of seconds due to apps. Overall, it results into a greater user experience, if your designs and navigations are heart-winning.

Ending Notes

So, if you have any further plans to grow your business, grow it with mobile app. Revenue, sales, leads or whatever you consider a part of your business growth will touch the heights beyond your expectations.

Life Cycle Of App: How To Keep It Going For a Long Time

Life Cycle of App and Ways to Extend it

Apps follow various life cycle structures depending on their demands in the market and their ability to provide user experience. An app can start with first-time open and end at deleting step in next time or it can start with first-time open and end at after usage of 2-3 months or it is also possible the app has no end. App’s lifecycle is affected by many factors as per users’ and app developers perspective.

Apps have specific milestones in between the way from app stores to mobile device. Understanding its lifecycle is as important as its design and development. Most of all apps are ensured with design, purpose, users’ desire and easiness to accomplish task, but still they lack something which lead them to end as soon as they reach the users’ device. What apps lack in actual is first-impression effect on users. Popular apps like Evernote, Whatsapp, Candy Crush Saga and others are well stocked with first-impression effects and easily get an opportunity to leave second impression and so on.

Hence, to extend the lifecycle of app, you have to first understand it, learn some stages and implement them to build a milestone.

Stage 1: Factors Affecting Users’ Decision to Download an App

If I go to purchase a hammer, its grip, head and price will be first to catch my attention. Similarly, if I go to purchase an app, I will first look for its price, description, screenshots, and videos – the most affecting factors of users’ download decision. You must craft these factors the same way you design the app itself.

For e.g. You can see a screenshot of Evernote here. Look at it and examine it. Does it reveal the purpose of app? Yes, it does. It reveals the aim of app: “Write and collect everything that matters to you”. It also portrays the features of app.

CaptureStage 2: First Impression

Your app’s first impression determines whether the user will come again or not. At first time, users don’t have any task in mind. At that point, they are in a mood of taking a visit of app. They check out features in front, subtleties may get unnoticed. That means your app’s upfront design and features needs to prove that your app is different from others and it has to engage users in a way that they return back to complete a task.

Stage 3: Second Time Visit – Primary Task Achievement

If app successfully leaves its first impression, users will surely pay a next visit along with a task to fulfil. Now it’s time to contemplate: what would be the users’ primary task at second visit? And how you can make that task to achieve effortlessly and superficially for users? Getting an answer of both these questions will either expand your app’s life or put it to the end if you fail to play the cards correctly.

Stage 4: Complex Task Achievement

Surviving through three stages means you have created a good impression in users’ mind. It also means that users’ are expecting many things from your app. They think like if your app can do primary tasks snugly, then it can also help them achieve complex tasks. They will get deep enough to explore more paths and options available within the app. They will anticipate whether the app fits perfectly to their needs, so that they should keep it for later use. To make users say “yes” for app, give them options to unlock advance features.

Stage 5: Updates or Upgrades

This is another way helpful to accomplish Stage 4. Keep updating or upgrading your app to make users feel that how much they need the app. Constant updates and upgrades will maintain the interest of users in app.


Users are always looking for free apps. When they are in search of achieving some task through app, they first jump to apps. No doubt, they will get what they want for free as the market is noisy with too many similar-feature apps. So, try to keep your app free or atleast go for minimum price model.

Music Themed Mobile Games: Recommended Tonic For a Wonderful Mood


Mobile game development technology is not restricted to just fun, it has stretched out to learn with fun. Whether it’s relevant to studies, general knowledge, dance, music, sports, or anything concerning to your interest, there is a mobile game-way to learn through. You must have entertained yourself with quiz game to increase your general knowledge or you would be at leisure while playing football mobile game to enhance your skills, but have you ever learned to play guitars or drums via mobile games.

Music learners are aware of games with game controls enriched with shapes of mikes, dance floors, drums, guitars or other equipments. If such games are exist, why to keep them limited to only music learners? Isn’t it a good idea to expand them among music lovers too? If you really think that it is a good idea, let’s enter the virtual world of music through below given mobile games.

Rock Hero

Rock hero will test your guitar skills and your ability to follow the rhythm of music. Basically, you will be served with notes which you have to hit at the right time. The game has three different modes of difficulties for beginners, learners, and experts. It will give you 9 songs to start your practice and play the game. If 9 songs are few for you, you have option to play with your own songs saved in your playlist. That means you can learn to play guitar on your favourite songs as well.

I think after reading about Rock Hero, you must have made plan to impress someone special by playing guitar on his/her favourite song – agree? Ok, don’t share it, but start it now. Let me alert with the only con of this game is you have to deal with too many advertisements.

Guess The Song

Do you want to test the level of your music likeness? Then Guess the Song based on background music. This is the KBC like game where you will be given 4 options to choose from. Playing the game lonely will create boredom, so it’s better to play with friends in order to create a competitive environment. That surely will double your enjoyment and make you familiar with tons of music.

Piano tiles

I love to play piano. My piano learning desire increases when I see those heroes in movies putting their fingers cutely on piano tiles. Back to the game, Piano Tiles is a charming music game that never makes you feel boring. The only challenge here is not to touch white tiles. And the reward you will get by touching black tiles is a sound of tracks delighting your ears. Don’t think this an easy game as when you will enter you will feel the power of challenge.

Song Pop

Another Guess The Song Like game, but one of the most popular game among music lovers. Equipped with a bulk of songs from thousands of artists have made this app a forever addiction. Music fans can play and compete with each other to obtain maximum points. Here your points will be count on your ability to give the correct answer plus how quickly you are able to give the answer. You can use rewarded coins to unlock a new playlist and to expand your challenging play ground.

Gangnam Dance School

“Oppa Gangnam Style” the three words are enough to make you rock. And you will be happier to know that Gangnam Dance School is your own school where you will teach each move of Gangnam Dance. Not only dance, but you have to save yourself from being a slave of Kingdom Witch.

All the above mentioned mobile games are ideal music picks. Being a music lover you must get involved with them to feel the music with game. Have fun.

Wearable Computing Can Expand The Ways For Mobile Payments

Wearable computing and mobile payments can be good friends

Wearable devices are stepping up from novelty to mainstream. And mobile payments are also on the same way. But both these technologies are too young to hold the burden of users demands. What if we mix both these technologies?

Wearable technology poses a significant opportunity when combined with mobile payments. Both together can be a game-changer for each other resulting into a field that one refuse to ignore.

Consumers interaction with new devices is increasing day by day giving a boost to increase in supply of wearables. The more number of wearables prevail in the market, the more ways expand for mobile payments to reach the users. But how wearables can define the future of mobile payments? Let’s figure it out.

Can wearables enhance mobile payment experience?

Wearables collect data in a different way than smartphones. It offers new ways to know who you are, where you are, when you are, what you need at what time, etc. Co-operating location and behavioral data with payment options will make the users payment decisions more responsible and payment actions more accurate.

According to Paypal’s Varun Krishna,”Wearables give rise to more connected, more personal experiences.” He says, “Wearables provide connectivity at a point that mobile apps can’t. By nature, they are more connected to the user than a phone can be”.

So, we can say that wearables bring new techniques to collect users data through which it can improve mobile payment experience.

How wearables data can be a key to mobile payment success?

With wearables, data will be huge and its analytics will be higher. One can turn this analytics into useable insights which will give birth to predictive mobile payments based on context. Let’s make it clear with an example.

Suppose you are daily visiting a coffee shop. Your smartwatch will save your daily visits and automatically serve you a payment option whenever you visit that particular shop. Overall, mobile payment will predict your payments based on your daily visits + daily payments.

Future of Mobile Payments with Wearables

Instead of change, you can expect a replacement, replacement of all your credit & debit cards, membership cards and your traditional wallet with one mobile or wearable wallet. Still, it’s hard to say whether mobile payment would be a one-size-fits-all approach.

News for app development companies and app marketers is that they may work on data analytics + predictive mobile payment options which will play a key role in gaining customers loyalty.

Final words

Mobile app ecosystem is quite immature for both wearables and mobile payments as other than inventing a new way of data analytics some more issues are blocking the way like security issues. Mobile app developers are working on this and trying to make things ready for upcoming future of mobile payments and wearable technology.