5 Most Silly App Ideas

Silly App Ideas

An app that measures how stoned you are, an app that avails you Wi-Fi services if there is no internet or unavailable Wi-Fi in your surroundings, an app that lets you charge mobile without a charger. You truly got hung up while reading these ideas or you might be thinking to begin your iphone app development with such a silly idea. How far could it be possible? Another thought to these app ideas is just how ridiculous they are. How could one think like that?

There are some developers who go out to be seated in a peaceful place and start raising dumb app ideas in their mind. It seems that these app ideas would be ignored, mocked, or crushed, but in actual, they are the apps that go viral and earn hundreds of downloads just because of being purposeless. From the list of such apps, we have brought together the top 5 most silly app ideas.

1. Yo

Yo app took a total 8 hours to get ready. It’s a damn simple notification app that sends a message filled with a single word “Yo” to your friend. Founder of Yo app, Moshe Hogeg admits that it’s a stupid idea.

2. TD4W

Have you heard that hit song “Turn Down For What”? If this is your favourite song, then you are going to love this app. TD4W is a single button app, on pressing which it plays this song. No more songs at all. You can also name it a single song app. It broke the records of Yo app as it took only 45 mins to build. Apple took two weeks to approve this app because it is too simple.

3. Hangtime

Throw your phone in the air and the app will tell the time during which your phone was hanging in the air. Look at this video; you will understand what the app actually does.

4. SimStapler

Simstapler gives you a stapler on the screen, the more you tap, the more you score. Just keep on tapping on the screen to make scores. Nothing else! Voice of a British woman will appear on completion of every 10 taps, says, “Splendid!”

5. I am Rich

I am Rich is a $999.99 app at Apple App Store. It shows glowing red gem when you start the app. On the down side of the right corner, an “i” symbol is located. Touching it will display you a message “I am rich, I deserve it, I am good and healthy and successful”. That’s all; one can get in exchange of $999.99. (Note: Apple had removed it, but you can still get the same at Google play store for free)

In Conclusion

These are all silly apps with silly ideas, but at the same time, they are the apps that gone viral in a short time of launch. Such kind of silly apps make people entertained quickly and make them bored quickly. So they remain a buzz for a too short time. They are just like a toy who is engaged in only one activity and a kid get bored of it within one or two hours of using it.

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